The Song of Creation

Date : Thursday October 15th  14.00-15.30  Via ZOOM

Speaker : Rabbi Mark Solomon     

This study session falls during the week when Jews read the creation story in synagogue. We will be introduced to the ancient Jewish work Perek Shirah, A Chapter of Song, which ascribes songs of praise – mostly biblical verses – to every aspect of creation: heavenly phenomena, geographical features, plants, birds, animals and creeping things. It is usually attributed to the early Jewish “Chariot” mystics, and its meaning is much debated. For many of us, the Covid lockdown has been a time to refocus on nature, and our place within it, and this curious work helps us to hear the cosmic song of praise.

Rabbi Mark Solomon is senior lecturer in Rabbinic literature at Leo Baeck College, minister of the Edinburgh and Leicester Liberal Jewish communities, and serves as chair of the Rabbinic Court and interfaith consultant for Liberal Judaism.

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