Spring Programme 2021

All sessions will be via Zoom from 14.00-15.30 (UK time), apart from Saturday March 13th, which will be from 14.00-16.00 (UK time). If you would like to receive a link to our Zoom sessions, contact us on sioncentrefordialogue@gmail.com

Tuesday January 19th 2021

Rabbi Rachel Montagu

Israel and Egypt, Slavery, Oppression & Sending Out: Sarah and Hagar in Text and Art

A look at Sarah and Hagar, their life together and apart, how generous thoughts aren’t always sustainable, how we can’t second-guess God and how human interaction can be complicated. And are the children OK?


Tuesday January 26th 2021

Jonathan Gorsky

Remembering Mother Maria

For the Russian Orthodox Church St. Maria Skobtsova, 1891-1945, is one of the great spiritual figures of the twentieth century. For Jews she is remembered at Yad Vashem as one of the righteous of the world.  A discussion of Mother Maria’s life and spiritual heritage – to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.


Good News for Bad Times

Series on Lukes Gospel with Dr Nicholas King SJ

Wednesday February 3rd 2021 : Evangelisation in Luke-Acts

Wednesday February 10th 2021 : Discipleship in Luke-Acts

Wednesday February 17th 2021 : Fellowship in Luke-Acts


Wednesday February 24th 2021

Dr Murray Watson

Translation for Transformation: André Chouraqui and His Revolutionary Contributions to Jewish-Christian Dialogue

André Chouraqui (1917-2007) was an Algerian-born Jewish scholar, politician and interreligious pioneer. Among his many interfaith initiatives, perhaps his greatest accomplishment was La Bible Chouraqui, a ground-breaking translation of the Bible (both Testaments) into French which sought to bring Jews and Christians together in shared study and discussion. Chouraqui’s life—and his unorthodox way of translating the Bible—made him one of the most intriguing figures in modern interfaith dialogue, and we will explore his contributions and personality together.


Wednesday March 3rd 2021

Rabbi Jeff Berger

Purim & the Book of Esther

The Jewish Festival of Purim commemorates events occurring in the 5th century BCE as recorded in the Book of Esther. This talk will attempt to present a brief historical background, a deeper look into the Scriptural text and some interpretations, and a description of how the Festival is celebrated today. Unique to the Book of Esther within the Hebrew Bible is the complete absence of the name of God.


Saturday March 13th 2021

Sr Teresa Brittain nds

Called to live in Peace

Reflections for Lent


Wednesday March 17th  2021

Rabbi Alexandra Wright

The Curse of Ham

What was the meaning of race and colour in biblical and early rabbinic texts?


Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Fr Adrian Graffy

What is Man? A Journey through Biblical Anthropology

A survey of the recently released document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, published by Darton, Longman and Todd.