23rd March 2016 : Scripture Study Day : The Suffering Servant

The Enigmatic Figure of the Suffering Servant

The Servant Songs of Isaiah describe a figure whose vocation links sufferingIsaiah and sin bearing on behalf of others.  This has been a major influence on Christian thought about Jesus and his death, while at the same time the Jewish tradition applies these ideas to the people of Israel.  These oracles have given the Jewish and Christian religious traditions categories which continue to speak about identity and vocation on behalf of God in a world where the innocent suffer.  What these dramatic oracles may have meant in their original context is no less strange.  A study of how Jews and Christians have read these texts is appropriate in Holy Week.

Dr John McDade (Lecturer in Theology, St Mary’s University)

11.00am – 3.15pm (Tea / Coffee at 10.30am)

Suggested Donation £15

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