Reading Sacred Places: New Approaches to Interreligious Understanding.  


A series given by Professor Michael Barnes SJ

Religious traditions involve far more than understanding beliefs and sacred texts. Imaginative engagement is crucial if we are to learn to see the world and the cosmos through the eyes of different religious communities.

We will learn to ‘read’ sacred places, seeing them as icons in brick, wood and stone. Sacred places offer precious insights into how different religious traditions understand the universe and the spiritual purpose of our life in this world.

Reading Sacred Places offers a new and enriching approach to understanding different traditions. We will focus particularly on Christianity and the Indian religions and communities that are our neighbours in contemporary London.

Dates : Sundays 3rd February 2019,  3rd March 2019, 14th April 2019

Time : 2.00pm – 4.00pm (Tea / Coffee from 1.30pm)

Suggested Donation : £10 each day