Our Czech Scroll

The Scroll in the Library at the Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter is one of the “Czech Memorial Scrolls” which were rescued from the deserted synagogues across Bohemia and Moravia and brought to Prague in 1942.  The Jewish communities themselves largely perished, but 1564 Scrolls were brought to London almost 50 years ago.  We are privileged to be entrusted with one of these precious “survivors” of the Shoah. 

The Scroll originally came from  the town of Sedicany, about 60kn from Prague.  It was originally given to Sr Charlotte Klein in the 1960s in appreciation of the work of the Centre for Christian Jewish Relations  at 17, Chepstow Villas.  At that time the Scroll was kept on display in the Library.  In 2003 the Scroll and the library were relocated at the Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter at 34, Chepstow Villas.  It remains  a treasured possession and a memorial to a martyred community.

For more information about the Czech Memorial Scrolls see the Website of the Memorial Scrolls Trust .