Courses and Events 2018

Study of the Weekly Parashah and Sunday Readings

Every Friday(resuming on Friday 12th January) :

A discussion on the Torah Portion read in Synagogues on Shabbat and the Gospel read in Catholic Parishes on Sunday : 11.00 – 12.30 (Tea and coffee from 10.30)


franzk-2-BM-Bayern-New-York-jpgFranz Kafka as a Jewish and Religious Writer

Dr John McDade  (Lecturer in Theology at St Mary’s University)

Wednesday 17th

January : 11.00 – 3.15 (Tea / Coffee from 10.30)


the-power-of-words-logoMemory in the Bible and the Experience of a 2nd Generation Child of Refugees

An event for Holocaust Memorial Day

Sunday 28th January : Rabbi Rachel Montagu and Francis Treuherz (Registered Homeopath, husband of Rachel)

2.00 – 4.00 (Tea / Coffee from 1.30)


JudaismJews and Christians Responding to the 20th Century

Gold Locket with Cross


3 Study Days led by Jonathan Gorsky  (Lecturer in Jewish Studies at Heythrop College)

  • Wednesday 31st January :  War and Suffering
  • Wednesday 7th February : Coping with Secularisation
  • Wednesday 28th February : The changing Role of Women

11.00 – 3.15 (Tea / Coffee from 10.30)


lent-symbolsDay of Reflection and Prayer for Lent

Speaker : Mons. Vladimir Felzmann – Catholic Chaplain for Sport, Catholic Chaplain to Canary Wharf


Date : Saturday 17th February  11.00 – 3.15 (Tea and Coffee from 10.30)


The Suffering Servant in Isaiah  

Speaker : Rabbi Rachel Montagu

Sunday 25th February   2.00 – 4.00 (Tea / Coffee from 1.30)


Thomas-BerryLiving the New Story – In Conversation with Thomas Berry (A Catholic Priest of the Passionist Order, considered to be the leader in the tradition of Teilhard de Chardin)

3 Study Days led by Dr Ursula King


  • Tuesday 6th March : The Universe and the Human Story
  • Tuesday 13th March : The Role of the Human Species and Our Way into the Future
  • Tuesday 20th MarchThe Universe as Cosmic Liturgy

11.00 – 3.15 (Tea and Coffee from 10.30)


psalmsA Study of the Psalms Read at Mass in Catholic Parishes on the Sundays of Lent

  • Thursday 15th February : Psalm 24 (25)  ‘To thee, O Lord I lift up my soul’
  • Thursday 22nd February : Psalm 116 (115)  ‘I trusted even when I said’
  • Thursday 1st March : Psalm 18 (19) ‘The Heavens are telling the Glory of  God’
  • Thursday 8th March : Psalm 136 (137)‘By the rivers of Babylon’
  • Thursday 15th March : Psalm 50 (51) ‘Have Mercy O God, according to your Steadfast Love’
  • Thursday 22nd March : Psalm 20 (21)‘My God, my God, why have you  forsaken me?’

11.00 – 12.00 (Tea and Coffee from 10.30)