– Course on Jewish Spirituality in the 1st Century

ScrollMonday 4th April 2016

Today we had the first of our three part  course on Jewish Spirituality.  We were led by our friend Jonathan Gorsky, who spoke about the understanding of God  in the 1st Century.  We were introduced to the complex world in which the New Testament was born.  In the afternoon we had a fascinating introduction to the Temple in Jerusalem, so central to our understanding of the life of Jesus

Monday 18th April, 2016

Today we had the second of our series on 1st Century Spirituality.  Our teacher, Jonathan Gorsky, led us in a study of Jewish prayer in the 1st Century and in particular the image of God as Father, the image which Jesus  was so familiar with.

Monday 9th April

We gathered again to day for the third in this excellent series.  Today’s subject was the Spirituality of Qumran, the Community of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was fascinating to discover the some of the thought and writings of this enigmatic community and to have insight into their relationship with the Temple and  other Jewish groups  of the 1st Century