Centres’ Meeting

15th January 2016 Our meeting is coming to an end, and we are busy making practical plans for linking and networking with each other.  We are excited by the possibilities of closer links between us and with the whole congregation.


January 11th 2016.  Over the weekend we welcomed personnel involved in the Sion Centres around the world for a week’s session of sharing, networking and support.  Sion Centres for Biblical Studies and for Jewish Christian Relations exist in Jerusalem, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and UK and each one is represented here.  Sisters and Associates from the Jewish Christian teams in our regions of Australia, Europe and Canada / US are also part of this session.  We are delighted that there are Sion Associates and friends as well as sisters in our group – it is a real richness.  Today each Sion Centre and Jewish Christian  Team shared its experience and programme of events – it was a very inspiring and hopeful day.


Wedensday 13th January 2016  Today the participants of our ‘Sion Centres’ Meeting’ visited the Woolf Institute in Cambridge. We were privileged to meet with Dr Ed Kessler who shared with us some insights into Catholic Jewish Relations and in particular the new document from the Vatican : “THE GIFTS AND THE CALLING OF GOD ARE IRREVOCABLE (Rom 11 : 29)”

Afterwards we enjoyed exploring Cambridge – its beautiful building, colleges… and coffee shops!