Seeing the Lord : Catholic Biblical Scholars and the Gospel of John

Jn 20 Magdalene (1)In this session we will reflect together on contemporary Catholic biblical scholarship. What methods and approaches do Catholic biblical scholars use in studying scripture? To assist us in this task we will engage in dialogue with three highly respected twentieth-century Catholic biblical scholars: Raymond Brown, Francis Moloney, and Sandra Schneiders. Each of these scholars has written fascinating and ground-breaking studies on the Gospel of John. Their scholarship has opened-up the world behind the text of the Fourth Gospel, the literary world of the text, and the potential for the text to transform its reader. In order to ground our discussion we will focus on how these differing, yet complementary scholarly approaches, may enrich our reading of the Gospel of John chapter 20, the resurrection appearances to Mary Magdalene and Thomas.

Speaker : Dr Sean Ryan

Date : Thursday 18th October

Time : 11.00am – 3.15pm (Tea / Coffee from 10.30am)

Suggested Donation :  £15   

Please bring a packed lunch.